ABSOLUTELY – No large dogs in the small dog area!
All dogs need to be up to date on their shots including KENNEL COUGH since it could be spread very easily in the company of other dogs. This is a health issue, so please do not bring your dog if he/she is sick or not properly immunized.
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The use of the Horsham Township Dog Park is at your own risk. 
If you choose to use this park, you are agreeing that Horsham Township and The Friends of Horsham Dog Park shall have no liability for injury to your person, your pet, or your personal property, and that you shall abide by the following rules: 
  1. All dogs entering this park must wear a collar, displaying their current rabies tag and license.  Pronged, pinch, choker or spiked collars are prohibited in this dog park.
  2. Puppies must be at least four (4) months old and be fully vaccinated.
  3. Pennsylvania Dog Laws state that dog owners or custodians are responsible and legally liable for the acts and conduct of their dog at all times. Dogs are personal property. You are responsible for any damage caused by your dog.
  4. Dogs with a known history of aggressive behavior are prohibited. If your dog shows signs of aggression toward people or other dogs, it must be removed from the park immediately. 
  5. Dogs must be kept on a leash until inside the dog park. Unleash your dog immediately upon entering the dog park and carry a leash at all times for safety.
  6. Leaving dogs unattended is prohibited. Always keep your dog in sight and under voice control to monitor behavior. 
  7. No smoking. 
  8. Stop your dog from digging and fill any holes. 
  9. Female dogs in heat may not enter this park. 
  10. No more than two dogs per dog owner/handler are permitted. 
  11. No food or glass containers allowed.  
  12. This area is for dog play not child play. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in this park. 
  13. Every dog owner/handler using this park must possess a driver’s license or government issued identification card. 
  14. Excessive barking is prohibited by Township Ordinance. 
  15. Most importantly, always clean up after your dog.  Scoop the poop right away and place in waste receptacles.   
Emergency:   Call 911 or the Horsham Police: (215) 643-8284

For a non-emergency: 
Horsham Parks and Recreation Dept: (215) 643-3600
Violators of these rules will lose park privileges.