Q – When is the dog park open?

A – Dawn to Dusk; the same as Kohler Park. At times the park is closed for maintenance reasons. Closures will be posted on the website. www.HorshamDogPark.com

Q –   Last week my dog was attacked by another dog and the owner seemed non-phased by the event.  I had to insist that he take the dog out of the park.  I have spoken with 3 other people who have had their dogs attacked by the same dog.  Each time I have said that a chocolate lab bit him and they know the name of the dog and description of the owner, because they have had similar experiences. I am new to the dog park and do not know what the policy and procedures are for this type of situation, and what I can do to protect my dog.

A – Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the Horsham Dog Park. This is posted in our rules. You did the right thing by ask/insisting the person breaking any of the rules to leave.  If they refuse, it is best for you to leave for your safety and the dog’s.  You can/should call the police when an aggressive dog and his owner are at the park and let them know what occurred. It may be best to call from the parking lot and stay to meet with the officer.  If you can identify (describe) the owner and dog at the time they are in the park the officer can speak to the offender who can be fined and banned from the park.  This has been done before and works effectively. 

Q – How is the dog park run?

A – The Friends of Horsham Dog Park are all volunteers and the township does not provide any paid staff for the dog park. We are self policed, meaning that it is a shared responsibility to abide by the rules and enforce the rules. Dogs are regarded as a person’s property by law, so therefore the owner is responsible for damage (vet bills) if caused by their dog, but you need to get the owner’s information at the time of the injury.

Q – We are new to the area.  Who can go to the Horsham Dog Park?

A – The dog park is a free public park to all those who abide by the rules. Please read through our rules prior to going to the park. Each dog park’s rules vary. 

Q – I would like to volunteer.  How can I help?

A – We ask that people help by coming to clean-ups which are once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00 – 10:00. We finish earlier or later depending on how many people come out.  FYI – The dog park is closed to dogs during clean up.  We have quarterly public meetings.  Park users are invited to hear what’s going on with future planning and to get involved.

Q – Why does the Horsham Dog Park spend so much money on mulch?  Can’t ground up trees be used to reduce the maintenance cost?

A – Playground mulch, which is double processed and sterile, is used in the Horsham Dog Park.  While ground / chipped trees would be a low cost ground cover, it contains sharp edges and could contain foreign matter which could make a dog sick if ingested (yes many dogs love chewing the mulch).  At this time the playground mulch is the best alternative for the dog park.